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    Video Sniper Pro ranks your Videos by reverse engineering the YouTube Algorithm and sniping your competition!

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    Video Sniper Pro is the easier way to rank your YourTube videos, period.

    Video Sniper Pro is the easier way to rank your YourTube videos, period.

    No installation

    Cloud based

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    Get the most popular, most searched videos from around the world.


    Get long tail keyword suggestions by analyzing related videos, first page videos, google results and more…


    Analyze your competition and find their weak points and profit from them.


    Get the partial match keywords and related long tail keywords that are helping your competitors to rank and start out-ranking them!


    Auto generate SEO optimized Titles/Descriptions/Tags with our unique lexical semantic engine by reverse engineering the youtube algorithm.


    Track your video ranks, views, likes etc. Without tracking your videos you would be working in the dark.

    Simple transparent pricing.

    VSP gives you everything you need to dominate the YouTube landscape. Start a free trial and cancel any time. 🎉


    $ 9.99 /mo
    • Full Access
    • Cloud Based
    • Generate Suggested Video Details
    • Unlimited Keyword Searches
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Track Viseo Ranking
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    Whats Our Clients Said About Video Sniper Pro Project

    I am a lawyer who makes youtube videos to get more clients! I am ranking for every target keyword that I can imagine and this alone has brought me thousands of new qualified leads for my business!

    - Robert McCain

    Wow! I am impressed! I would have never thought that you can literally reverse engineer youtube to get these kind of results.

    - Susan Wright

    VideoSniperPro is the best Youtube Marketing Software hands down! I have been using a lot of different pieces of software over the last few years but this one is the best! This software pays for itself in no time.

    - Victoria Grande

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Yes. Your account will still be active if your subscription expired, but after expired subscription you will not able to use our service anymore until you renew or purchase a new subscription.

    VideoSniperPro uses industry standard SSL security for all of your work. Your data is hosted in a secure hosting facility and regularly backed up.

    Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time.

    All you need to rise to the top in YouTube.

    We give you all the data you need to succeed. With a low monthly cost and the ability to cancel at any time, what have you got to lose!